Tuesday, 10 January 2012

PvP: Sith Juggernaut vs Healers

I've PvPed a lot this past days with my Sith Warrior and I've noticed that a lot of level 50 healers are now actually strong. During leveling, it was plain easy to me to kill most healers by outdpsing their heals and even easier after learning my interrupt.

First to analyse, all people that engage PvP get a debuff called Trauma, that reduces the healing the receive by 30% while they are in combat. Here comes the PvP attribute named "expertise" that increase the damage and healing done while in combat against other players and also reduces the damage received by them. At level 50, the amount of expertise (mainly) and the other attributes (secondly) make healers pretty strong. They can outheal the damage they are receive while they're crunching your own health and killing you in the end.

What you can do to confront them? On thing. Play OFFENSIVE! Don't let them breath. Stay on them and dps them, interrupt them and faceroll them. Here some tips to help you.

1. Sith Juggernauts have 4 interrupts. Force Charge, Disruption, Force Push, Force Choke. Use them all.
2. They should be slowed ALL THE TIME. Refresh your Chilling Scream before it expires.
3. Keep your rage high. When their health points are below 60% you'll need to burst them.
4. Don't waste your interrupts on their damage abilities. Only use them on their heals and CC abilities (like Whirlwind).
5. Stack both your DoTs on them. That would push them hard.

So, an ideal battle would be to Saber Throw and Force Charge the healer, Chill Sream and stack your DoTs. Use interrupt for their first healing ability and Force Choke on their second. Burst them and interrupt their third healing ability with Force Push. Again, Saber Throw and Force Charge as soon he tries to cast his next heal. Burst again and use Enrage to keep your rage up. Interrupt would be up again if need it.

See you on Huttball, EU Hex Droid PvP

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