Thursday, 12 January 2012

Acquiring your Advance Class: Mercenary Saga begins.

As I have written earlier, my first alt would be a Mercenary, Bodyguard specced Bounty Hunter. IRL business have prevent me from getting to level 50 with my Juggernaut and I have to say the rush to do so has passed. Only the motivation of competing the story and getting to end level PvE content kept me pushing it.

Even though I really like my Juggernaut I must say that I want to play a healer in SWTOR. If UI was better and macros and/or add-ons where available I would have rolled a Bounty Hunter first. After a long session of Juggernaut's PvP and questing I felt fed of SWTOR. Still, I hadn't anything else to do and I decided to start a Bounty Hunter and play for a couple of minutes. Surprisingly, I found myself playing the entire Hutta and up to acquiring my Advance Class.

From now on, my priority is to get my Sith Juggernaut to level 50 but, every day I would spent some with my Mercenary PvP and doing Flashpoint so expect sooner or later, more tips and videos of my experience as a Bodyguard Mercenary.

For now, check me acquiring my Advance Class at the video I made:

See you on line at EU PvP Hex Droid

Senoy, the Hired Gun

I want to thank vassdeviant for letting me using his picture. Check his gallery at:

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