Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Keybindings as a Sith Juggernaut

As I have said in a previous post, I'll talk about keybings. I'm not against clickers or keyboard turners but my experiences on mmos have taught me that being able to react fast is critical on both pve and pvp situations. And having all my abilities on binds gives me an advantage. In the keyboard picture that follows, I've highlighted with yellow the mandatory keys that needs to be bind. With green I've marked some keys that are used by other gamers but not myself. So, let's start.

I'm using a mouse with two extra buttons, one of each side and I have to tell you that those two extra buttons are lifesavers. If I could afford them I would buy the new Razor ones and if you do can affort them, buy it! Still it's very cheap to buy a mouse like mine. I paid 25$ and I'm very satisfied.
So, I use my binds on the keys  `,1,2,3,4,q,e,r,f,z,x,c  with the addittion of the two buttons one the side of my mouse, middle mouse button and mouse scroll up and scroll down. I also bind `,1,2,3,q,e, middle, left and right mouse button both with alt and shift key pressed. Those are enough keys to bind all of your abilities.

Right now I will tell you what abilities I use on my Sith Juggernaut specced on Vengeance tree.


`  Retaliation. I need a button on my reach to hit it as soon as it procks.

1  Assault. The main rage building ability. Whatever attack you got in the 1 key is triggered when you right click an enemy

2  Sundering Assault. Use it to build 2 rage.

3  Vicious Throw. Our finisher move. Only usable on target's at or below 20% max health. Deadly indeed.

4   Smash. Main AoE ability hits up to 5 enemies, if specced generates 1 rage.

Q  Force Scream. Hitting like a truck and has 10m range.

E Shatter. Our point 31 talent, very strong, comes with an extra dot of 12 secs.

R Ravage. 3 secs channel ability. Interrupted when moving or pressing another attack. Use it when you know that your target will not move for 3 secs.

Disruption. Use it to interrupt your target and lock their interrupted ability for 4 secs.

Z Chilling Scream. Our slow ability.

X Vicious Slash. Use it as filler when you got rage to dumb and all of your main abilities are on cd.

C Impale. Use it just before Force Shout. Strong ability comes with a dot

MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON Unleash. Removes all of your incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON Force Choke. 3 sec channel ability. To stun and generate rage.

RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON Force Push and then use charge.

WHEEL UP Force Charge First Down then Up and you generate 6 rage.

WHEEL DOWN Saber Throw First Down then Up and you generate 6 rage.


ALT+` Intercede. Use it on friendly player to jump to him.

ALT+1 Shien Form. Dps form. This should be on, ALL THE TIME. Switching forms resets your rage to zero!

ALT+2  Soresu Form Tanking form. Use it only when you know that a lot of damage is incoming and you can't be on target to dps. Switching forms resets your rage to zero!

ALT+3 Threatening Scream. Don't use it on PvE! Only in PvP to reduce the damage all enemies around you to every other except you.

ALT+Q Intimidating Roar. 6 secs AoE fear

ALT+E Taunt. Don't use it on PvE! Only in PvP to reduce the targeted enemy damage on every other except you.

ALT+MIDDLE Unnatural Might. BUFF UP!

ALT+LEFT Sweeping Slash. AoE damage in a front cone a la Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Still, pretty weak.

ALT+RIGHT I use my PvE medpacks here.

SHIFT+1 Saber Ward. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your defense by 50% for 12sec.

SHIFT+2 Endure Pain. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your healthpool by 30% for 10sec.

SHIFT+3 Call on the Force. Secondary defensive cooldown, only usable when there's a companion active.

SHIFT+Q Guard. Only usable when Soresu Form is active. I only use it on pvp. 

SHIFT+E Enrage. Generates 6 rage. Use it after your burst and when you are under 6 rage.

SHIFT+MIDDLE Channel Hatred. Your off battle recovery ability.

SHIFT+LEFT Sprint. Keep it always on.

SHIFT+RIGHT I use my PvP medpacks.

H my quick travel ability.

Also, I use CTR+SPACE to auto-run and SHIFT+SPACE to mount up.

Hope this keybinding was helpful for new and old players alike.
See you online!


  1. You may want to clarify about those mouse buttons, after reading at the top about how you have buttons on the left and right it makes sense but before that I was wondering how you managed to keybind left and right click. I have a Naga so I'll be changing those to some of the buttons on that, but other than that this is really helpful. Thanks for the great guide!

  2. How do you move and press keybinds at the same time? I thought the idea is to use the two mouse buttons to move your toon around while you press buttons for abilities?

    1. Especially when I pvp, I tend to move clockwise in circle so I have the right mouse button pressed down and (A) button pressed also. I turn with the mouse and I have my fingers free to press shift or alt freely