Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Boarding Party Flashpoint Bosses' Walkthrough

Last night I decided to do some party content with my dps Sith Juggernaut. I arrived at Imperial Fleet and took a quest to do Boarding Party. Found a group and did the content. The fights were not difficult in general but I can't say the same about the last boss which was a challenge, mostly for our healer.

So, let's start the break down of the bosses' fight.

FIRST BOSS: HXI-54 JUGGERNAUT, 56636 health points.

The first boss you'll encounter will be an level 32 juggernaut droid. At the corner of the room there are 4 electric generators where as the boss stands in the middle. There are no adds on this fight so focus on boss. Also, there are some abilities you should look out for.

-First, during the fight, the boss will mark the ground beneath some players. Run away and don't stand on them!
-Second, once in a while the boss will connect with two electric generators via lightning. Again, avoid standing on lightning!
-Third, during the fight, the boss will connect with all four electric generators via lightning. Don't stand on lightning!

Finally I couldn't interrupt the casting abilities of the boss. Either intended or a bug, don't really know.

SECOND BOSS: MAJOR ALVENA, 42190 healthpoints.

The boss is a Trooper and it uses the same abilities as the  Republic's class. Accompany her, are two Republic Battledroids with 13645 healthpoints. If you got an Imperial Agent let him Slice Droid to take one of them out of battle. Kill the other one and then focus on boss. You can interrupt her abilities and for your healer's sake do so. After dealing with the boss, finish the stunned droid and the fight is over.

THIRD BOSS: SAKAN DO'NAIR, 22160 health points.

In this fight you'll encounter three Jedi. Two Elite Jedi Healers that must be killed first as they heal the boss and each other (no shit sherlock!) and then focus on boss, Sakan Do'Nair, a Jedi Knight. If you have an Sith Inquisitor, ask him to Whirlwind one of the Jedi Healers to take her out of battle. Interrupt when you can their heals, kill them and finish of the boss.


A lame excuse of a boss. It very similar to the second boss of the Black Talon Flashpoint. Kill the adds that surround him and then nuke boss. Avoid the small fire probes and don't stand on fire! 

FIFTH BOSS: CHIEF ENGINEER KELS, 44320 health points.

This boss has two Modified Assault Unit droids with him. This fight is quite similar with the first boss of this flashpoint. There are four reactor cores on each corner of the room and once in while one of them will emit a pulse of radiation. You'll be warned on screen which one will emit the pulse early enough to run away from it. Again, focus on adds first and try to burn them quickly as they have knock back abilities that might push you close to the pillars. After that, focus on boss and bring him down. Both boss' and droids' abilities are uninterruptable.

FINAL BOSS: COMMANDER JORLAND, 29337 health points.

Get ready for a difficult fight. Be prepared and bring medpacks with you as this is a very healing intensive fight, The boss is guarded by Security Chief Massey that guards the boss and gives him a shield that absorbs damage and by Medical Officer Alon that heals the damage dealt on them. The bad thing is that the boss is using a random target ability that does a ridiculously amount of damage and that's why you want to spread out.
First focus on the healer and bring him down. Interrupt his healing abilities is fairly easy as they are long casts. When he's dead focus on the Security Chief. Then kill boss. It sounds easy but it's the most hard battle I've encounter so far and I advice you to use ALL of your defensive cooldowns early in the fight to be able to use them later on. And don't hesitate to use a medpack.

You can see the fight from the point of view of my Sith Juggernaut on this video:

See you soon and
May the Force serve you well!

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