Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Create your Legacy!

Two days ago I finally got my Legacy name on my Sith Juggernaut, just after finishing my class story at Alderaan and then at Hutta. It was a tough fight against a Jedi (NO SPOILERS) and it took me around to 3 hours to complete because I was clueless. So, before attempting to finish Act I, I'll give some tips.

1. Try it after level 32. Your opponents are very strong and you have to out-level them to make this painless.
2. Get medpacks and stims. Buff up and in general try always to max your chances. A 2% of your health boost could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
3. Use your CC abilities. Stun the opponent, knock him back so he'll be on you doing damage less time.
4. Select a healer companion. That will let you focus on dps. If you are a healer or a AC with healing abilities go with a tank companion.

Lastly, a word of advice. Don't do this with a friend. Do this SOLO. You'll probably wipe 10 times, you'll get frustrated, you'll waste your time but it's those small accomplishments that'll make you grasp the feeling of your class, make you a better player and -also very important- bond with your character. Those kind of fights makes this game stand out from the rest of the bunch.

Lord of the Sith, out.

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