Sunday, 8 January 2012

HK-51, Secret Companion!

Hello everyone!

During beta, there was full list of companions of all class. I was very intrigued to see that there was a HK, assassin droid as a bonus companions, available both to imperial and republic players alike.
He wasn't on the official companion list and even I'm not 50, I've never seen one having it around. So, I search on the internet and found out that even it's not sure that it's in game or that it is. Some people say that it's gonna be, either as a Legacy gift or after a long mission line. I search again and I found those two mission lines:

Empire Missions:
1) Primary Sources
-Defeat Rogue Agents
-Return to Minder Eight
2) The Maker
-Talk to Tren Vaido
-Loot a Photoreceptor from Old Walker on Tatooine
-Loot a Repulsor Coil from Old Shields on Nar Shaddaa
-Loot a Macrofuser from Old Artillery on Alderaan
-Return to Tren Vaido
-Destroy Upgraded Battle Droids
-Confront Tren Vaido
3) Lethal Decor
-Talk to Koghaa Sentry
-Defeat the Entrance Guards
-Talk to Koghaa the Hutt
4) Ready to Serve
-Loot the Master Identity Chip
-Insert the Programming Spike into the HK droid

Republic Missions:
1) Unlikely Sources
-Rescue SIS Agents
-Return to Agent Iella
2) The Droid Butcher
-Talk to Banikou
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Balmorra
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Tatooine
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Alderaan
-Return to Banikou
3) Breaking and Entering
-Destroy Assault Droids
-Find Doctor Lighton
-Talk to Doctor Lighton
4) New Programming
-Insert the HK programming spike into an HK droid

Then, last night I was in Hoth. While I was doing the planet's main story missions, I went across a interesting fact. During this mission's return, I gave to the imperial officers the core of an android that could think of it's self. I was thrilled! Was this just the beginning of the chain quest to acquire HK-51?

If you learn anything, please tell me!

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