Friday, 3 February 2012

List of CCs per Class

I've noticed during the past days, at picked up pugs something a little risky. Most pugs have 2 melee dps. Worse, some pugs don't have enough classes with CC abilities. Even though all classes have their stuns/interrupts/slows not all of them have long CC abilities that would take a mob out of battle for a minute. So, this is a small list of CCs per classes to be able to plan ahead when you're forming your groups:

  1. Slice Droid – Imperial Agent
  2. Sleep Dart – Operative
  3. Disable Droid – Sith Marauder
  4. Whirlwind – Sith Sorceror
  5. Mind Trap – Sith Assassin
  6. Concussion Missile – Mercenary.

Remember that CCs will make your life easier. Some bosses that are unbeatable otherwise will be a piece of cake with the correct coordination and correct CC.

See ya!

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