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Guide: Operative Concealment PvE!


Hey people!

A very good friend of mine is a hardcore WoW's rogue player that raids and pvpes in top guilds. I respect his knowledge about the mechanics of his class and also for his fast decisions and reactions that are needed to play in high level.

During summer we had long talks about SWTOR and we had both decided to reroll to this new game. The Blizzard gave to him a Rogue's only legendary and his mind changed. I unsubscribed from WoW and started playing SWTOR. He was thinking playing the game later and I gave him my account to try it out. He was thinking playing an Assassin but I persuaded him to try Operative. And he did. And he loved it. Now, I have an Operative on my account and I have to say that I love her! They have an amazing playstyle that is really really strong even after last patch's nerf. I've seen a lot of Operatives PvPing but almost none at PvE. At least none dps as the few ops I've found where healers.

That's why I decided to make this guide for Operative's Concealment PvE. So, let's start.


This is the spec that I use 3/31/7. It's NOT based on the most dps output possible and it's more of a starter for operation. It based on mobility (melee classes need to be fast in fights with a lot of adds, shit on the ground etc) and survivability (you can't dps if you are dead.

This is the spec with the most dps output: 3/31/7


Energy is very similar to WoW's Rogue but it's not linear. That means that it regenerates depending to the energy's level. That means:


Now, there an ability call Stim Boost that recovers 3 energy every 3 sec for 45sec. It has a 35 sec CD and must be up ALL THE TIME.

With Stim Boost up the regeneration changes to this:


Another way to get energy fast is Adrenaline Probe that recovers 50 energy in 3 secs with a 2 minute cooldown.


Rifle Shot Basic attack costs no energy use it on your rotation to keep your energy from dropping.

Hidden Strike Highest damaging ability, grants Tactical Advantage and can only be used from stealth. Use it as an opener.

Shiv Use it to gain Tactical Advantage.

Laceration Requires the Tactical Advantage buff.  Has 50% chance to proc a second free attack that would also refresh Tactical Advantage if the target is poisoned.

Backstab Hits like a truck, must be always used after Acid Blade. Must be behind the target to use it.

Acid Blade Buff the next Hidden Strike or Backstab and applies a ridiculesly strong DoT over 6 seconds and increase armour penetration by 30% for 15 seconds. Backstab must followed. Needless to say, this is the funeral of every boss.

Fragmentation Grenade AoE attack. Hits up to 5 opponents.

Overload Shot. Short ranged attack, should be only used when you have plenty of energy and the rest of you abilities are on CD.

Corrosive Dart a good DoT that must be ALWAYS be up. If it's up, Laceration will refresh Tactical Advantage.

Orbital Strike AoE damage to be used on CD. One of the strongest AoE attacks in game

Adrenaline Probe Not a damage ability but still must be used on CD. Use it when you want to burst

Cloaking Screen. Not a damage ability, puts you back to Stealth. Use it on CD with a Acid Blade buffed Hidden Strike following it.


Tactical Advantage is the core ability in Operative playstyle. Defeating an opponent or activating Shiv or Hidden Strike puts you in a position of Tactical Advantage, increasing all damage dealt by 2% and enabling the use of executions for 10 seconds. Up to 2 charges of Tactical Advantage can exist at once.

Abilities that generate TA:

Plus defeating an opponent give you TA. 

Abilities that consume TA:

Remember, Tactical Advantage increased damage by 2%, so you should always have at least one stack up at all times if it's possible. Before using an TA consuming Ability, use Shiv to get 2 stacks before losing 1 and keep 1 stack up.


So, the rotation goes like this. Start with stealth and then use Hidden Strike. That gives you 1 TA. Use Stim Boost, that will consume the 1 TA. Acid Blade time then. It would be a preparation buff that does nothing until you use Backstab. 30% of the target's armor is ignored and a poison DoT is applied that lasts for 6 secs.  After that use Shiv to get 1 TA, Laceration will actually have a chance to consume and refresh your TA and keep it up. Use Corrosive Dart to have your DoT up as long as you can. As soon as your energy falls under 60 use Adrenaline Probe and try to have it on CD. Only reasons for not use it asap is that either your energy is high at the moment or you decide it to keep it to use it later with your Adrenals, Relics and the rest of your CDs. After that use Rifle Shot if your energy drops under 80. Also, use Cloaking Screen after the initial burst and the use of Adrenaline Probe and follow it with a Acid Blade buffed Hidden Strike. Use it on CD.

When you are in the the fight there's a priority list.

1. Stim Boost  must be always up

2.  Shiv to get TA

3. Adrenaline Probe to regen energy

3.  Rifle Shot to keep your energy up.

4. Cloaking Screen to get back to Stealth

5.  Acid Blade follow by

6. Hidden Strike if you are in Stealth or if you are not

7.  Backstab. 5, 6 and 7 must be always be used on CD. Those are you strongest hits

8.  Corrosive Dart to keep your DoT up

9.  Laceration. costs 15 energy. Use it when you have 2 TA and Stim Boost is up

10. Overload Shot. Cost 17 energy and only use it when you have high energy and you are out of melee range from the target or on burning phase.


Your Primary stat is Cunning. Your gear must always have Cunning.  For every 140 Cunning you get 1% crit and also, 1 Cunning gives 0.2 tech damage. As for the secondary stats, accuracy until you reach 100% and then I would suggest Critical and Surge for starters but DON'T stack more than 40% ratio. It seems that after a point critical and surge need much more rating to increase the percentage. After that, go for Power. It's a basic, normal,  very linear damage increase. Alacrity is useless, avoid it like Hell.


  • 2 pieces: Increases the critical chance of Backstab or Backblast by 15%.
  • 4 pieces: Increases maximum energy by 5.


Anyway that's my guide for Operative Concealment PvE, just quite basic but I hope you find it useful. I will try to update the guide as much as possible, please comment to contribute.

See you around

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