Friday, 3 February 2012

List of level requirements for Flashpoints during level!


Republic: The Esseles. Level 8
Empire: The Black Talon. Level 8

SHARED: Hammer Station. Level 15

SHARED: Athiss. Level 19

SHARED: Mandalorian Raiders. Level 25

SHARED: Cademimu. Level 29

Republic: Taral V. Level 32
Empire: Boarding Party. Level 33

Republic: Jedi Prisoner. Level 33

Republic: Maelstrom Prison. Level 35
Empire: The Foundry. Level 35

SHARED: Colicoid Games. Level 39

SHARED: The Red Reaper. Level 44

SHARED: Directive 7. Level 47

SHARED: The Battle for Ilum. Level 49

SHARED: The False Emperor. Level 49

SHARED: Kaon Under Siege. Level 50

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