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PvP Juggernaut Rage built!

PvP Juggernaut Rage

Yo, fellow SWTORians!

For the past few day I have focused my play time to Jugg PvP. I used to be specced up to Vengeance tree for PvE. After checking the two DPS tree I decided to go Rage.


This is the spec that I use now: 0/10/31

Now, let's break it down. I didn't take Strangulate as the pushback for a channelling ability that stuns for a melee class is not a priority for me. I didn't take Unbreakable Rage as Ravage in general is not mandatory to your dps rotation. I would come to this later. I put to Interceptor just one point just for filler. My other option was Brutality but I rarely use Vicious Slash and I think of it as a waste of rage in most situations. Interceptor is not to mandatory to juggs as the class is very mobile.

For my final 2 points at Vengeance tree I was in a dilemma. Playing Rage you'll find yourselves with less rage than playing Vengeance (pun intended). Unyielding would be my original choice but as to right now, geared half centurion, half champion I don't have enough accuracy to reach 100%. For that reason I decided to put my last 2 points to Accurecy. If you have enough accuracy choose Unyielding.



Retaliation. hit it as soon as it procs.

Assault. Builds 2 rage, weak but mandatory

Sundering Assault. Use it to build 2 rage and stack 4% armor reduction up to 5 times

Vicious Throw. Our finisher move. Only usable on target's at or below 20% max health. Deadly indeed.

Smash. Main AoE ability hits up to 5 enemies STRONGEST ABILITY for Rage Juggs 

Force Scream. Hitting like a truck and has 10m range.

Force Crush. Our point 31 talent, slows our enemies, puts a DoT that last  seconds and at the end, deals more damage.

Ravage. 3 secs channel ability. Interrupted when moving or pressing another attack.

Vicious Slash. Use it as filler when you got rage to dumb and all of your main abilities are on cd.

Obliterate. Small charge (only 10m) costs 3 rage. Mostly a dps ability, use it with a snare to catch up ranged opponents that try to get away.

Saber Throw. You generate 3 rage, use it before you charge.

Sweeping Slash. AoE damage in a front cone a la Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Still, pretty weak.

Enrage. Generates 6 rage. Use it after your burst and when you are under 6 rage.


Chilling Scream. Slow AoE ability.

Disruption. Use it to interrupt your target and lock their interrupted ability for 4 secs. In comparison to WoW, SWTOR's interrupts don't lock school abilities. That means, only the ability that you interrupt is locked.

Unleash. Removes all of your incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

Force Choke. 3 sec channel ability. To stun and generate rage.

Intimidating Roar. 6 secs AoE fear


Force Push and then use charge.

Force Charge. No description.

Intercede. Use it on friendly player to jump to him.


Shii-Cho Form Dps form,

Soresu Form Tanking form. Use it only when you know that a lot of damage is incoming and you can't be on target to dps. Also, soresu form is needed to use Guard. Switching forms resets your rage to zero!

Threatening Scream. Use it to reduce the damage all enemies around you do to every other except you.

Taunt. Don't use it on PvE! Only in PvP to reduce the targeted enemy damage on every other except you.

Saber Ward. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your defence by 50% for 12sec. The passive ability Blade Turning makes the 2 first secs a 100% defence

Endure Pain. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your healthpool by 30% for 10sec.

Guard. Only usable when Soresu Form is active. I only use it on pvp. 


Channel Hatred. Your off battle recovery ability.

Sprint. Keep it always on.

Unnatural Might. BUFF UP!


  • Bonus for 2: Intercede heals you for 8% of your total health.
  • Bonus for 4: Increases all damage dealt by 10% for 5 seconds after using Force Charge.


To begin with, Rage's dps is based on Smash crits. So, let's analyse Smash.
-Smash is a Force ability
-Smash with the Shockwave skill stacks up it's damage up to 100%
-Smash with the Decimate skill increase it's damage by 30% and decrease it's CD by 3secs
-Smash with the Dominate skill makes your next Smash used within 15 seconds an automatic critical hit.
-Smash with the Dark Resonance increase the critical multiplier for or Force abilities by 30%
-Smash has a 9sec CD if you're specced

That means that with no surge considered your smash will have 100% critical chance (after a charge), 130% stronger (if you have 4 stacks of Decimate) plus 30% increase to the critical multiplayer to the total of 80% (base critical multiplier is 50%). In my warrior, the tooltip says that Smash hits for 1410-1501 kinetic damage. Let's say that my attack is 1450, we will add the 130% of it. That's 3335. Plus we will calculate the critical multiplier of 80% and we have 6003 kinetic damage. Now, add more surge, a relic usage, an adrenal, the expertise buff. Smash can do up to 9k damage easily and it can hit up to 5 people in a 9sec CD. (For each opponent it strikes, different base damage is calculated).

Our rotation must be build around Smash to maximise it's huge crit hits. So our basic rotation goes like this,

Saber Throw ---> Charge ---> Force Crush  ---> Sunder ---> as soon as 4 stacks of shockwave are up Smash ---> Enrage ---> Force Scream ---> Sunder

To be more exact my priority list is:

1. Enrage on CD if you have less than 4 rage
2. Saber Throw
3. Charge
4. Smash if you have 4 stacks of shockwave
5. Vicious Throw
6. Force Crush
7. Sunder Assault
8. Force Choke
9. Force Scream
10. Obliterate
11. Vicious Slash
12. Assault
13. Ravage

So, to sum it up, you goal is build your Smash hit. Get 4 stacks of shockwave by either Force Choke or Force Crush and try to Smash as soon as possible after you Charge or Obliterate. I would suggest to use it after you Charge as Charge will make the next Smash used in the next 15sec a crit, plus your 4 set bonus from your PvP gear give you an extra 10% bonus to your damage. After that, keep your rage high enough to be able to burst.


You don't have to be a genius to know that Strength and Stamina is your main stats. After that you should check for your secondary stats. Expertise is the strongest stat for PvP. It will increase the damage you deal and decrease the damage you take. Expertise should always be on your gear. After that, go for Surge and Critcal ratings. That way your abilities and especially your Smash will hit harder. My experience tells me not to get more than 40% of either of those two stats as you'll need much more to achieve bigger percentages. After that, go for power. Power is a straight increase to your base damage of your attacks. That includes the base damage that your criticals are calculated.


As we talk about PvP, your opponent will try to react to you. That's why you have to be use the correct abilities in the right moment. Here some tips for you:

-Apply your Chilling Scream to slow them for starters. Keep them slowed all the time.

-As you built up your Smash hit, they will hit you as hard as they can. I suggest you pop Saber Ward as soon as the opponent starts to fight back.

-Don't use Unleash (trinket for WoWers) if it's not a really need. More people will increase your Resolve with their knockbacks than their stuns. If your Resolve bar is filled you will be immune in every CC. Unleash will reset your Resolve bar so be careful!

-Have with you relics and adrenals with crit/surge and power. Use them in pairs, pop power relic and crit/surge adrenal and then pop crit/surge relic with power adrenal. That way you more burst damage.

-If your opponent pops his defensive or CDs from the beginning of your battle, try to sabotage his advantage as much as you can. Choke him, Push him, Charge him, Fear him. That way, his burst or his defences would have expired with no benefits for him. Remember, in most cases the one that uses his CDs first, is the one that loses.

-Your set 2 bonus from your PvP gear will make you heal after you use Intercede. To maximise the profit, first use Endure Pain and then Intercede. That way, you'll heal for more.

-Don't interrupt all the time. Your interrupt will lock for the interrupted ability only. For 4secs. Interrupts should only be used on spammed ability like Tracer Missiles and Force Strike or to interrupt the healer from healing himself.

-Beware of your surroundings. Most people will try to knock you back as soon as you charge them. Don't put yourself between your opponent and the edge of the ledge, or the acid pit or the fire.

That's all for now. I will update my guide with more informations and more tips in future. Stay tuned!

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