Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Server transfers starting on June 12th! Details!

FINALLY! Server transfers are coming on June 12th! A lot of people are waiting for this (myself including) and today we learnt some new informations about this service.

First of all. Server transfer would be TARGETED! That means that transfers would be allowed from a selected number of servers to selected servers! Servers would be chosen and would have a specific destination that would be allowed to transfer a character. By the time, more options would be available and when the free server transfers would be about to end, we will be informed beforehand. In the future, server transfer would allow more options in the choice of server destination and would require a transfer fee. 

That way, Bioware will try to create servers that would be highly populated and balanced, than having one or two overpopulated servers (like Fatman or Tomb of Freedon Nadd). More informations would come in a upcoming FAQ so stay tuned!

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