Sunday, 10 June 2012

Group Finder Level Recommendation for Normal Flashpoints!

Black Talon/The Esseles: 10-12
Hammer Station: 15-21
Athiss: 19-25
Mandalorian Raiders: 23-29
Cademimu: 27-33
Boarding Paty/Taral V: 31-37
Foundry/Maelstrom Prison: 35-42
Colicoid War Game: 39-45
The Red Reaper: 43-48
Directive 7: 47-50
The Battle for Ilum: 48-50
The False Emperor: 48-50
Kaon Under Siege: 50
Lost Island: 50

This doesn't mean that you are forced to that level range as those are recommendations for each normal mode flashpoint. For example, my level 47 character on the PTR was allowed to queue for Colicoid War Games, The Read Reaper and Directive 7. The daily reward for Normal FP is 5 Daily Commendations.

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