Sunday, 10 June 2012

1.3 Loot Changes: Better Loot from Flashpoints!

Apparently, with the introduction of Group Finder, FP runs would be more common and Bioware decided to change the loot that each FP drops, mostly to lure people to play them.
Early today, 06/10 I did a fast run of Heroic Black Talon and I found out that most bosses drop far better loot than the current live patch.

First boss (We kill the droid) dropped a random TIONESE headgear when it used to drop tionese belt. Second boss, Commander Ghuli dropped a random COLUMNI ear piece when he used to drop energized legs. The final boss dropped the same loot than live, a token for COLUMNI bracers.

Obviously this is a rather welcome change, as people would gear up easier and faster. With Black Hole commendations as daily rewards, people would have lot's of reasons to run HM Flashpoints. Finally people would easier participate on Story Mode Operations and experience more of the end game content, faster and without the painful grind. If they manage to introduce more content in a faster pace, subscribers would always have something to do, something that would make this game bounce back.

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