Sunday, 10 June 2012

1.3 Group Finder, Details, Feedback and Bugs.


Group Finder is a new tool that would help you find a group to do most of your PvE activities. You can queue for Story Mode Operations, Heroic FP, Normal FP and Planet Heroic Quests. You can select your role: Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer and when your group is assembled you'll be teleported to the field. Daily Quests would award Black Hole Commendations and to be honest, this tool will make gearing up a piece of cake.

To begin with, queueing in a group is bugged. Even 3 people in a group cannot find a fourth member to do a run. This a highly disappointing. Right now, if you lose a player during a run QQ. Even though you are supposed to find a replacement if you requeue. this feature is hardly ever working. I know that some people say that it work for them but I have seen it work once, when we were at the begining of a FP and we hadn't killed a mob or a boss. Vote to kick is something that is needed in a group finder but right now, there is no protection to undergeared/new players. There is no restriction to kicks and I can see it being abused. A solution would be if BW makes it as to not be able to begin a vote for the first 10 minute in the run and only allow a kick 2-3 times per run, with this limit being raised after a couple of wipes. I don't want to be unabled to kick when I'm at the final boss boss of Lost Island and my healer for example is underperforming. Also, Make it so that people that are overusing it, that they use it too many times in a row be prevented to start a vote for the next 30 minutes for example. Finally, 2 or more people would group up and would start kicking people mostly because they are trolling. That's why people in an original group should not be able to kick by themselves an extra player.


Need before Greed looting system for FP is fine. Things should change for Operations. Right now there are no restriction on looting. A Juggernaut can need an Agent item etc. Either make a restriction to class loots or make system closer to the original looting system from the begging of the game. If you are eligible to loot that boss, you'll all get a bag that would have commendations and either a piece of the boss' loot table or some credits, adrenals or stims. That way they'll be no whining about other people wining an item over you and we won't have people grouping together to win rolls for their friends. It would be like a slot machine, where after killing a boss all 8 people could win something or only 1 or 2 gets some loot. Finally, remove the lockouts from Story Mode Ops, even if you can only loot each boss once, it allows those who couldn't complete a raid due to group disband, still have the chance to play from the start, and doesn't punish those who join you because you already killed off some of the bosses.

That's my thoughts about this feature,
See you around, PEACE!

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