Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Suggestions for SWTOR future, Personalisation of Class Abilities

With the introduction of 1.2 I believe Bioware made a step to the right direction. They seem to listen to their customers and try their best to implant new ideas and tools for them.
As a player myself, I decided to think about the state of the game and I believe that some changes as well as some new addition would make this game a more fun and interesting experience. I'm really really enjoying the game and I'm seeing myself playing it for years from now.

From now on, and time to time, I would post some of my suggestions. I have already mailed them to Bioware but I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Today, I would talk about THE PERSONALISATION OF CLASS ABILITIES.

Right now, you can’t adjust the game spec and skill tree to your own personal test. Most of the time there’s only one BEST spec to play. Most of the abilities are no brainers and for me at least, there was not a single moment of hesitation to which skill to use for my built.

I know that most people want to tune their class to their personal taste. For PvP for example, there are people that play a Jedi Guardian and want more stuns in the game. There are others that prefer more slowing effects, others that want big bursts and finally some would want a more all-around spec. Right now, there’s no way to do that and it’s something that’s missing in my opinion.

So, why don’t implant the Mass Effect’s power system? Every 5 level, give players a power point and let him put it to one of his abilities. Each of his abilities has 3 stages. Enhanced, Empowered, Devastating. Every time he put a point to an ability, that ability gets an improved effect and finally when he has put all 3, he could choose between two evolved abilities.

Let’s take for example, Jedi Knights Force Stasis. If he puts a point to Force Stasis, the Force Stasis will increase the damage done by 10% and has 33% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. A second point would increase the damage done by 20% and has 66% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. The third point would increase the damage done by 30% and has 100% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. Plus, at the Devastating stage, the player would be able to choose between two forms of Force Stasis.

a) Connection with the Force. Force Stasis becomes an instant ability.
b) Force Barrier. While you channel Force Stasis you become immune to all effects and attacks.

Another example could be Force Push. Level 1 to 3 would increase the damage dealt by Push and at Level 3, the players would be able to choose between two different versions.

a) Force Slam. The Force Push is so strong that throws the enemy on the air and then slams them on the ground for 2sec
b) Force Shockwave. All enemies in a front cone are pushed.

A final example could be the Mercenary’s Power Shield. Level 1 to 3 could increase the duration and the shielding percentage. Devastating Power Shield could have those two choices.

a) Omni-Shield. Reduces the heat cost of all your abilities by 50% and increase alacrity by 30%
b) Multi-Shield. When you activate Power Shield all of your healing abilities would place a shield on affected target.

Try to give both final abilities a PvE and PvE usage. Also, each one must be something different and tempting, so good to be needed from the players and would frustrate them to be able only to choose one. That way, no best-builds, no butter cutter would be made and each player would build his spec based on his personal playstyle.

That's for now, I'm looking forward for your suggestions and opinions.

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