Friday, 20 April 2012

Group Finder coming in 1.3!

Two days ago the Game Director of SWTOR James Ohlen requested feedback about the upcoming feature of Group Finder.

What part of a Group Finder feature is most important to you? Is it forming a group for Operations, for Flashpoints, for Heroics, for something else - or do you have no preference?
In a note he added that the feature now is server only. So, they'll be probably be asking about what the community would like added in the future, regarding Group Finder.

I would love it as a feature. I have been leveling many character and when I'll hit the level cap I would not have the time or the patience to find a group myself. A cross-server group finder would do miracles to low population servers (I still believe server transfers/server merges would be a better solution) in additionaly to leveling a new character. Finally, I believe that a Group Finder for operations could be a success if they would only allow Story Mode Operations to use the feature.

What your thoughts guys? I would also add the link to the official site to give feedback.


  1. I am really happy to hear about this. WoW's Group Finder spoiled me and I've never bothered grouping on SWTOR... ever.

    Now, I will actually have something to do after hitting 50 on a character. Up until now, I've always rolled a new class when I hit level 48 on one.

  2. people like the commenter before me are the reason the community in this game is non existent. wow spoiled them and they are too lazy to find a group. well bring on the group finder i guess, as long as its not cross server.

  3. before LFG system came to WoW, i had a friends list FULL of people asking me to tank for them, seeing as how most tanks during that time sucked. I enjoyed helping others by tanking for them, but as soon as LFG came into effect... requests stopped coming in, everyone wanted to try the new system... and so it became the think to do, and in doing so it ruined the server community as far as im concerned because it made it so that we don't have to "depend on each other" I've recently quit WoW, been playing swtor for the last couple weeks, and must say im loving it! though perhaps a more improved server only LFG system maybe be handy. hopefully it doesn't go across server like WoW did.

    1. LFG would be server only, so it won't be that you want be that will ruin the server community. To go further to this argument, tank are both favoring by LFG and it's absent. This feature would help casuals and dps mostly

  4. It should be cross-server, even with the group finder on some dead servers its not gunna help much.