Sunday, 15 April 2012

1.2 state of PvP

With 1.2 being live for a couple of days now, it's time to talk about the state of PvP. To be clear from the beginning, I won't go through classes' nerfs and buffs as I've done it in a previous post. So, let's start.

One big change is the adjustment to the expertise rating. They have changed the curve of the diminishing returns and now, expertise gives a hell bigger advantage in PvP making PvP gearing up a true upgrade. If we add the healing reduction for all healing classes, you understand that damage dealt means more right now. Melee classes seem to have gotten an overall buff, as they stand better toe-to-toe against ranged dps. Overall, fights are faster and more bursty and for me, Bioware hit in the nail in the head with those changes as their battle system has been accused many times for being clunky and slow.

Sadly, they let a of people down as they didn't solve the low population servers problems. They could either allow cross-server queueing or/and allow server transfers. The second big dissapointment is the withdraw of the rated warzones. Let's hope that they make the correct changes and make rated PvP a smooth and enjoyable feature.

As far as the new warzone, Novare Coast, I'm having a blast and Ι have to admit that it's now, along with Huttball, my favourites. I really really hope, they add some new warzones soon, even if they are different stadiums for Huttball.

To coclude this post, I can't say that I'm dissapointed with 1.2 but I feel that they could do better. Giving free game time is a way to appease the subscribes but if they don't solve the problems, especially the low population servers ones, soon, people are just gonna lose their faith in BW and leave the game.


  1. In reguards to pvp, I dont really care about the combat changes and who hits harder, and heals are less, and whatever else is being changed with small tweaks behind the scene.
    My problem with PVP in SWTOR is there is no concept of world PVP, atleast not on my server.

    I would advise Bioware to take a look at how WarHammer implimented world pvp, and draw some new ideas from there model.

    I am the type of player that doesnt give two craps about pve endgame, I just love to pvp, but even with adding more WZ's it can get somewhat boring haveing to always regroup and then wait in a 10 minute Que.

    Just add an actual area on already existing planets for people to go in, complete objectives, gain xp/valor/bragging rights.. again take a look at WarHammers model.

    1. I haven't played WH myself and I can't comment on their style of World PvP. The only thing that I know is that both SWTOR and WH are made from studios that are part of EA. Even SWTOR's PvP designer Gabe Amantagelo was the PvP designer of WH. We can still hope...