Friday, 23 March 2012

New Legacy Abilities Coming at 1.3!

In the new interface of the Legacy System, there a tab of the upcoming bonus that'll come at 1.3. Some amazing things that many people would love. Those characters perks are traits that would be available to obtain once you hit hit certain legacy levels.

In the section ADVANCEMENT:

FLASHPOINT XP BONUS: Increase xp gains from killing major enemies in flashpoints. (has 5 ranks)
SPACE XP BONUS: Increase xp gains from completing space missions. (has 5 ranks)
WARZONE XP BONUS: Increase xp gains from completing warzones. (has 5 ranks)

In the section TRAVEL:

CELERITY: Increase sprint speed. (has 2 ranks)
LEGACY SPEEDER LICENSE: Grants the ability to use lvl 25 speeders at lvl 10.

In the section COMPANION:

LEGACY OF ALTRUISM: Increase affection gains from gifts to companions. (has 3 ranks)
LEGACY OF PERSUASION: Increase affection gains from conversation options. (has 3 ranks)
LEGACY OF CRAFTING: Increase chance of critical success while crafting. (has 3 ranks)
LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP: Companions sell junk faster. (has 2 ranks)

In the section CONVENIENCE:

REPAIR DROID: Creates a repair droid that players and their allies may use to repair items in the field. (has 3 ranks)
PRIORITY MEDEVAC: Returns at increase health after dying and respawning at a medical center. (has 2 ranks)
FIELD RESPEC: Reset your skill tree in the field.
PORTABLE MAILBOX: Drop a mailbox in the field for you and your allies to use.

Awesome perks, BW shows that has great plans for the Legacy System.

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