Friday, 23 March 2012

1.2 PTR Legacy Heroic Moments!

Devs announced that the renewed Legacy System will allow alts to use some abilities that are from another character of the Legacy. Some requirements are ment to be reached before the Legacy Heroic Moments are met. First of all, a companion must be present, that means that they can not be used in Warzones or Operations. But can still be used at Flashpoints and World PvP. To unlock one of those abilities you have first complete the class story of the specific class. Here's the list of the abilities that each class grands:

Imperial Agent: Orbital Strike.

Bounty Hunter: Flamethrower

Sith Warrior: Force Choke

Sith Inquisitor: Lightning Storm

Smuggler: Dirty Kick

Trooper: Sticky Grenade

Jedi Knight: Force Sweep

Jedi Consular: Project

After these abilities are unlocked it can be used by any other member of your Legacy, regardless their faction or class.

1 comment:

  1. understood i have the lightning storm unlocked but says i can only us it during a heroic moment. does that mean that at lv 15 of my other chac i can then use it?