Monday, 19 March 2012

1.2 PvP: Medal Changes

During Guild Summit, Developers said that they won't to redesign the medal system as it was not working as intended. So they make a cap to the medals that can be earned in a match. When you get 10 medals, a buff named HIGHLY DECORATED that will prevent you from earning more. Still, if some requirements are met, more than 10 medals can be earned after a match has ended. That medals are named DAUNTLESS and is rewarded depending how fast you won a match. 
Medal list from Hutball
Medal list from Voistar
 Also, there more objective medals. Additionally to the original medals for damage, healing and defensive done, new objective medals are introduced, divided to OFFENCE and DEFENCE. Passing the ball at Hutball rewards 500 Attacker Points, killing the ball carrier rewards 500 Defender Points, interrupting enemy capturing an Emplacement rewards 500 Defender Points at Novare Coast. Collecting enough defender and attacking points, rewards offence and defence medals. Surely Bioware reacted fast and solved the imbalance of the medal earnings. Healers tended to be left behind whereas dps with taunting abilities could easily get 12+ medals in a match. Also, those changes will avert dragging the matches for medal farming and also encourage more teamwork, more fast paced and more engaging battle.

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  1. ive seen the imps get up to 16 medals ive never seen a rupublic player get that