Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Legacy and Racials!

I hope you are as excited as I am for yesterday's Guild Summit. A lot of things were showed for the first time and some theories and guesses came true. I will post as often as I can for the days coming to give you as much informations I can.

For now, I would give you some insight of racial attributes that would be added in the future.

Daniel Erickson revealed that reaching level 50 with a species will unlock that species for all other classes. Like having a level 50 Sith Pureblood would allow us to make a new Sith Pureblood of all other classes, regardless of faction. Like a Sith Pureblood Bounty Hunter or a Sith Pureblood Jedi Knight. He also said something about new racials. He said that reaching level 50 with a human, would give to all humans in that Legacy a new passive bonus to the presence attribute (to those that don't know about it, presence increase the performance of your companions). Those kind of racial where introduced back to October's beta testing along with the social racial abilities that are now in the live version.

So, this is the list of the beta stat racials:

Human: 3% Bonus to Presence

Miraluka: +1 Stealth Detection

Twi’lek: 5 Minute Reduction on Rapid Travel

Zabrak: Increase healing given and taken by 1%

Miralian: Increase precision of Force and Tech powers by 1%

Cyborg: Increase precision of Force and Tech powers by 1%

Sith Pureblood: 1% force damage and force healing.

Chiss: +1 stealth bonus and +1 stealth detection

Rattataki: 2% Crit Damage
Those abilities where in the creation page and where soon deleted. It seems that some of them would be introduced in Live at 1.2. Miralians and Cyborg were sharing their racial stat bonus, something that would most likely change in the future. Also Precision is a not existent stat right now but I wouldn't be surprised if  accuracy takes it's place in 1.2.

To summit up, race selection WILL matter after 1.2. They also said that they WON'T allow race change in the future. So, for all of you that want to max their performance, I suggest you roll a new character, of a different race than the level 50 you already have.

If the racials are going to be introduced unchanged from the beta, I suggest, those race combinations:

Human and Twi'lek: Shitty racials, I would avoid them for every class.

Miraluka: A small benefit. I would avoid this race for every class.

Zabrak: Great for tanks and healers. Every tank should be Zabrak as it's the only racial that benefits them. Zabrak healers are also in an advantage but Jedi Sages/Sith Sorcerers have the same benefit from Pureblood's racial.

Miralian and Cyborg: If we presume that precision is accuracy in not that good racial. Force and Tech abilities seems to reach accuracy cap easier from talents. Still, with tanking stats changes for PvP in 1.2, it would probably help killing enemy tanks. Should be avoided from healers.

Sith Pureblood: All Force User classes, disregarding their role should be Sith Purebloods.

Rattataki: The best racial right now. I presume that they gave it to boost this underplayed race.

Chiss: PvP boost for stealthers. A good choice for Assassins/Shadows and Operatives/Scoundrels that are damage dealers in PvP. Not that great in PvE, still it has it's uses.

Those are my though right now, things could change in the future. I'll be in the testing of 1.2 and I would see how BW will implant this system. I would update this guide as soon as possible.

Until then, see you online

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  1. woow 1 percent i hardly think that matters at all, im playing a human aswell as all my characters, im still a great healer, the race u pick isnt efined on your skill, if i face someone who heals 5 more then me then so be it, if i face a dps that does 15 more dmg then my dps does then so be it, i can still heal better , and dps better then them unless theyre better at it, if it was 10 percent or 15 or 20 then yes it'd matter, but 1 percent? no, not inn a million years