Monday, 21 May 2012

Preview of group finder for 1.3!

Here we got a preview of the group finder UI that would be introduced on patch 1.3.

As you can see, on the left side are the role that you can fill and on the right the different modes that you can experience. The most interesting part is that the list of the HM Flashpoints that you'll get a group for are, is different from what is now on Live. You can only play Lost Island, The Battle of Ilum, The False Emperor, Directive 7, Kaon Under Siege. As they are only 5 HM Flashpoints that you can queue for, I wouldn't be surprised if the change the loots that you'll obtain from the final bosses and just give a different set piece from each one. Finally we can see that only Denova Story Mode would be on the LFG.
1.3 is going to hit the PTS servers soon, so stay tuned for more infos and insights for the upcoming patch.

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